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musing: thoughts on X100F as an upgrade from X100T (the good, the bad, and the ugly)

Other posts I wrote prior to this one regarding the X100F: Stealth thumb grip, Fuji case vs Gariz case, X100F Sugru focusing tab, dust proof X100F viewfinderUSB camera battery chargerstacking WCL and TCL converter lensesconvert TCL/WCL I into version II

In Jan 2017, Fuji released the next successor to the x100 series, bringing with it welcoming changes that I’ve always hoped the x100 series would have. During January, I was in China and I didn’t think about purchasing the X100F (yet). In April of 2017, while in Tokyo, I was browsing camera store out of habit and had learned of the last X100F in the area surrounding Tokyo and decided to immediately purchase the it. Since then, having both cameras side by side, I was able to compare the two cameras to arrive to these observations and conclusions.

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Stealth Grip on the X100F using Leather Grip Tape

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I've always used thumb grips with the X100F (T,S,0) since it improves the grip tremendously. When I use the hotshoe however, the grip must be removed and once again I return to a hard to grip camera. When I was in Japan, I bought a sheet of camera leather tape in a hobby store.  I didn't think much of it then but it became useful very quickly as I started using it on many parts of the camera.

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X100F Focusing Tab using Sugru

One thing I miss very much from Leicas and other rangefinders lenses is the presence of the focusing tab. With a focusing tab, you can learn the focusing distance / position of a lens and get a feel for the distance and also making precise fine-tune possible with the slight move of a finger. There has been a few excellent commercial products made available, one of them being TAAB, and other various 3D printed solutions available, though in my opinion they all take away from the compactness of the X100 cameras.  With the extra Sugru I had left over from dustproofing the viewfinder, I opted to make a focusing tab on the ring of the X100F.

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Dust proof the X100F Viewfinder (any version)

Do you want your viewfinder looking like the picture above? This is what happens to my viewfinder on the X100T after nearly 2 years of normal usage. I don't think any of us wants to, except over time this WILL happen as somehow dust always finds is way into the X100 viewfinder. The X100F is not sealed, and there is no way to open the camera up yourself to clean out the viewfinder. Having owned all previous X100 versions, I have experienced this phenomenon happening to every single X100 I've had.  Thankfully, there is an easy way to slow down the accumulation of dust over time (besides not using it).

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